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Sales Generated To Date
1 M+
People Coached or Impacted
90 +
Avg. Improvement After
Working With HTSA
1 X


Everyone has what it takes to be successful in High Ticket Sales. With the right frameworks paired with proper coaching you too can begin seeing consistent sales commission from $10k-$40k per month.
IMPORTANT: Earnings and Results Disclaimer
Experiences below do not guarantee similar results. Individual successes may vary based on skillset, motivation, and willingness to not give up. Each claim is based on that individuals personal experience
“Before finding HTSA I didn’t realize the strategies and frameworks it took to really turn my sales numbers around. Before joining it felt like you had to be “born” to be great at sales, but quickly after going through the training and applying what I had learned I realized great sales people are taught! I have up-leveled my sales game thanks to HTSA.”
Erica T.
“Since working with HTSA, not only have my sales results improved, but I routinely hear “thank you!” from my customers. HTSA has helped me to dive deeper with my customers, get a thorough understanding of my customers needs, and provide the best solutions for them. Before, even though I was succeeding, I was leaving a lot of money on the table by not knowing how to empower customers to show up and make buying decisions as the versions of themselves they most want to be. Procrastination is a thing of the past! Happy, well-paying customers is the new norm!”
Matthew E.
“Huge Thanks to Chad & the High Ticket Sales Academy Team! Working with you guys was without a doubt worth the investment in myself. I have been in sales for over 15 years and high ticket sales for 2 years now. However, I was moving to a new company and I knew it was time to sharpen my skills, so I could hit the ground running. With Chad’s help I was not only able to break the first month sales rep record, but I was the top sales rep by my third month. I couldn’t have done it without HTSA’s help. The sales frameworks and precision with what I needed to improve on instantly gave me the results I were looking for in closing more sales. I’ve been part of a lot of sales trainings and this is the best  one yet.”
Matt S.


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