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What is High Ticket Sales? (+7 FAQs)

What does high ticket sales look like

The world is changing faster than we know it. With the rise of the internet, multi-million dollar businesses seem to be springing up overnight. And with these new businesses, come new billion-dollar industries as well. When COVID entered the scene, people had the realization that business didn’t need to be done in person anymore. Things we once saw as impossible became possible. The opportunities became endless. Because of this change, sales (and specifically high ticket sales) will never be the same. That’s right. No more door-to-door knocking; no more cold calling; no more bullshit (excuse my French!). In this article, I want to give you a high-level overview of what High Ticket Sales is, how it came to be what it is today, the growth trajectory of the High Ticket Sales industry, and answer a few common questions about it. My Journey to High Ticket Sales What is High Ticket Sales? The History of High Ticket Sales Growth Predictions for the High Ticket Sales Industry An Ideal Opportunity for the Right Person FAQ on High Ticket Sales But first, I want to share a quick trip down memory lane so you can see how I got to this amazing opportunity: My Journey to High Ticket Sales Door to Door Sales vs. High Ticket Sales When I started in sales, it was a grind. I started selling educational books door to door. The biggest problem with generating more sales was that I had to find my own leads. Those “leads” were the next house on the street. Young and naive, I figured this was just the way it had to be. But as a youth, I was hungry too. I hit the pavement hard, and quickly realized I had a knack for selling. Grind, grind, grind. Then a little chunk of money. After that experience in college, I shifted to the insurance industry and went business to business. I cold-called in-person every single day. Grind, grind, grind. Then a bit bigger chunk of money. In sales lingo, “I ate what I killed.” Maybe people in sales can relate, but let me tell you, it makes me really appreciate what I am about to share with you. After about 5 years, I thought to myself “there has to be a more efficient way of selling.” And that’s when I discovered the industry of High Ticket Sales. A friend recommended a career he didn’t really know much about, because no one did. There was no title, no industry, it was really a feeling of stepping into the jungle, entering the unknown. I remember it like yesterday, “Hey man, I hear you wanna leave the Insurance industry… I know a guy who started a really cool company. He said he is looking to hire a remote closer.” Remote closer… I mean shoot if I could work from home that would be a dream. I’d been out hustling all my life. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to work from home. I applied, and after the interview process, I was offered the opportunity that unknowingly would change my life forever. What is High Ticket Sales? In the industry of High Ticket Sales, a business sells high-value products or services for a premium price. Without explaining every offer on the market, I’ll make this general statement: most offers you’ll come across are selling some sort of education. These offers and businesses can help level you up or your business up. Fitness coaching, business coaching, leadership coaching, the list goes on and on. There are even some companies that help people publish books for a living, and they do it for a premium price. And with all these offers on the table, business owners need one thing. Remote Salespeople, aka High Ticket Closers. Take a look at the example below: It starts with a marketing funnel that captures leads through an ad, then sends the lead to a training/webinar, and at the end of that training, the prospects are asked to “book a call” or “schedule a consultation.” Include picture of a funnel leading to booking a call This is where you come in. Business owners need a High Ticket Closer to take that prospect through a sales conversation that will inspire, motivate, and help the person make a decision. Ultimately, the owner wants the prospect to invest in themselves and purchase the high ticket offer. Now here’s the fun part! You don’t have to find those leads, cold call, manage clients, or have to figure out how to set up the system to put this whole funnel into place. It’s already done for you. If a business is hiring a high ticket closer, they have all of that built. They just need you. And you need that one skill (sales!) With it, you are the most marketable asset to any single business. The History of High Ticket Sales While the industry of “high ticket sales” seems new, this type of learning has always been around. Big names like Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar really paved the way for all the businesses in the High Ticket Sales industry. They held conferences that promoted an offer, which led the audience to purchase training for thousands of dollars (if you wanted in person attention) or hundreds of dollars (if you wanted to buy the recordings and study it at home on your own). Then came Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, and Tony Robbins. They continued the trend of offering conferences, seminars, and trainings for individuals and organizations. During these in-person events, they would motivate, inspire, and then put an offer in front of the audience to buy deeper coaching, or books and recordings to take home for self-study. As the internet has grown over the past couple decades, people have been able to move more and more of these events online. This was especially accelerated during the COVID pandemic, and now some of the biggest events around the world are hosted virtually. Tony Robbins isn’t the